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Healing Sessions:

I have had lingering pain in my joints for quite some time and after a Reiki Session I feel better than I ever have. It is amazing!!! Thank you. Chris

The peaceful sensation that I experienced during and after my Integrated Energy Therapy® Session with Joyce has stayed with me. My upper back and shoulders feel so free and loose since my session! LB, Saratoga, NY

My IET® Empowerment Session was an interesting and enlightening experience for me. Each hand position had a corresponding reaction in a different part of my body. If I was experiencing tenderness or tightness in a certain spot, it was released when Joyce's hands moved to the next placement. A feeling of release spread throughout my entire body.PC

I experienced Joyce's Signature Reiki Session today and it was amazing. I must say she really reached a depth of energy and I felt many areas of release. I highly recommend trying this combination of techniques for an enhanced energy experience!

I can honestly say that Reiki has changed my life in a wonderful way. I initially went to see Joyce because I was curious about energy healing. However, after three sessions I was hooked-I had been having back pain due to surgery, and after the second session my pain started to diminish. Joyce then encouraged me to take Reiki I so that I could practice it myself. A year later, I took Reiki II. While practicing Reiki for myself makes me feel more energized, I have found great benefit by occasionally scheduling a session with Joyce. As those of us who know her will testify, she is a very powerful and compassionate Reiki Master. When I go to see her, she sincerely tries to understand what might be causing an energy imbalance or problem. She is also constantly adding to her skills and learning as much about her field as she can. I also appreciate the fact that she is a registered nurse. I completely trust her, enjoy working with her, and I would highly recommend her to anyone. DLD, Clifton Park


After taking Reiki classes from Joyce I have been doing Reiki on myself and my children daily. I give reiki to my son who has autism at bedtime. He pulls my hands down to his heart chakra area and allows me to keep my hands there until he falls asleep. This is atypical for him because he is usually really energized before bed. DG

Learning Basic Integrative Energy® from Joyce was a great day. I really enjoyed all of the information and hands on work. I am excited to continue learning from Joyce LT

I wanted to thank you Joyce for the great Reiki level I class! My headache was gone the next day and I was so peaceful and calm after. Events at work that I would normally react to or that would cause me anxiety, I just let go. I didn't react. I just let be what was going to be and it felt liberating! Looking forward to Reiki Level II class! Suzanne, Coxsackie, NY

Basic Integrative Energy Therapy® Class with Joyce was an amazing day! It was a deep healing and life changing experience for me. Loved being surrounded by the angels! TM

Joyce has given me the encouragement for my journey in learning Reiki. I feel such gratitude for having her as my teacher and for the time spent learning Reiki from her. Joyce has answered many of my questions without me even asking them. I had a wonderful experience in ART and RMT class and feel blessed to be a part of Joyce's Reiki family. I look forward to future teachings from her. AP

Joyce is so present and giving with her teaching. I loved the attunement and raising my vibration in Intermediate IET®. It was such a wonderful experience. TM

I absolutely loved taking Basic Integrative Energy Therapy® class from Joyce….so much of value, so energizing, fascinating and clarifying for me. I loved our group of humans and angels. AE

My son is a very bright and active 7 year old. His first experience with Reiki was with Joyce Willson. He said that Reiki makes him feel warm and calm. I took Reiki classes from Joyce and now I give my son reiki every night at bedtime. This helps him to calm down and sleep much better. My son's teacher has since noticed an improvement with his attention span, ability to focus and ability to control his emotions. Reiki has been very helpful! LL

I really enjoyed learning Integrated Energy Therapy® with Joyce. IET® will be an added benefit to my healing work. Joyce is a gifted teacher and healer. Cathy


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